Child abuse: The truth about the Zandvoort case...


They closed down the website 'Droit Fondamental' (Fundamental Rights) of princess J. of Croÿ.

All the links on Google and all the information on this website around the Zandvoort case, pedophile networks, the lawsuit against Marcel Vervloesem, torture in prisons etc ... have been blocked.

The princess is busy now creating a new website.

The new address is: http://fondationprincessedecroy.morkhoven.org/ (if the link is not disabled by the services of the Belgian Justice department which use any means to remove the Werkgroep Morkhoven and the Foundation of the Internet and have decided to censor all their information.. 

It is for this reason that in the past also the accounts of Werkgroep Morkhoven and the Foundation of the princess on Facebook, were regularly closed down)..

Several years ago, the criminals who accused the anti-childporn-activist Marcel Vervloesem of 'rape', wrote a small petition in which they asked to hunt Marcel Vervloesem out of his social housing home.. They asked even to remove the Werkgroep Morkhoven from the Internet. 
The petition was signed only by themselves, was then discussed in the meetings of municipal council of the city, and finally the mayor of Herentals, Jan Peeters (Social Democratic Party, member of Parliament, former Minister), accepted the proposal. 
He sent the request to expel the Werkgroep Morkhoven from the Internet to the Service of Legal Affairst of the municipality. 

Two years ago, Marcel Vervloesem was driven out of his home. Even a family (and their  80 years old mother who was seriously ill) which had supported the Werkgroep Morkhoven, was driven out of their homes as a result of an other petition made by these criminals which was forwarded to the director of the  social housing company 'Geelse Bouwmaatschappij' which is subsidized by the Belgian government.

V., the man who organized the complaints against Marcel Vervloesem in 1998 by spreading all kinds of rumors in the media, lives in the same neighborhood as Marcel Vervloesem and the above-mentioned family. 
He is a member of the Social Democratic Party; he knows the mayor personally; and he has been a member for 20 years already of the direction-board of the Geelse Bouwmaatschappij. A few years ago he was appointed  a member of the Centre for Social Affairs of the city of Herentals; then he was 'elected' with 100 votes as a councelor of Herentals; and finally he was elected as Chairman of the Committee on Security and Police of Herentals and therefore he represents the city in two intermunicipal election campaigns.

It is a remarkable fact that V. can hardly write. He writes phonetically without using any commas and full-stops. 
So it is therefore clear that what we have here is a case of political corruption.

But there is something more. 
There are about 30 police reports on V. - who is gay (Werkgroep Morkhoven does not condemn homosexuals in any way though)- because of sexual offenses against young boys. These reports have never been investigated by the legal authorities.. 
For 14 years already, the Belgian press is allowing V. to accuse Marcel Vervloesem of 'pedophilia' without any evidence, while four years ago, Belgian justice authorities decided in a court-case, to ban Marcel Vervloesem from speaking with the press
That is very strange.

It is also remarkable that V. accused Marcel Vervloesem just at the time when the international press, including the three largest Japanese newspapers, were reporting about the Zandvoort case because this case proved for the first time that international pedo-criminal networks  really exist, while this fact is still denied today by the Belgian government that is still traumatized by the Dutroux case.

In the Zandvoort file there is also a picture of a well-known French youth magistrate abusing a young boy.  This magistrate has good contacts with some members of the French government. And it was Georges Zicot, the police inspector who was accused in the Dutroux case, who claimed in a fax that the magistrate 'was not a magistrate but a man from the criminal nightclub-circles of Charleroi' (which is wrong)..
Is there a link between de Dutroux case and the Zandvoort case ?

Marcel Vervloesem, who is seriously ill (cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes) has just come back from the intensive care  of the hospital of Turnhout , where he spent 5 days, all the while being  tied to his bed with an iron chain,
He now is back again in the prison of Turnhout, which is so overcrowded (210 prisoners while the prison is made for just 120 prisoners) that many prisoners have to sleep on mattresses on the ground.  He is also being harassed again, because the direction of the prison has restarted to block his letters.
He has been held now  for almost 5 months in custody, although the judicial investigation showed that he is innocent and the Antwerp Parole-court pleaded for his release. 
Remarkable: The judges of the criminal court of Turnhout who are keeping him behind  bars are the same judges who have been persecuting him during these last 11 years in order to cover-up the Zandvoort case.  
The Minister of Belgian Justice, A. Turtelboom (VLD, Liberal Party), who preaches 'a legal system without even a glimps of partiality', has been repeatedly informed about the partiality of just these judges. 

The Morkhoven group 
presumes that Marcel Vervloesem's confinement in inhumane conditions is the result of the fear of the Belgian and Dutch authorities. 
A few months ago began the trial about the abuse of children in kindergarten-schools in Amsterdam. The Zandvoort case is related to this case and the abuse of these children in Amsterdam could have been prevented if the Justice authorities had done their job.

A few weeks ago, the Morkhoven Group asked the Minister of Justice to forward the documents of the Zandvoort case that talk about the Amsterdam case, to the Dutch Minister of Justice. 
But the Minister didn't answer our letter.. 
Robert M., called the 'Monster of Riga' in the tabloids, who (as Marc Dutroux was) is presented all the time as an 'isolated predator ', has in the mean-time been rapidly sentenced on April 6th, 2012. But he has been sentenced on an incomplete file, which means the network of child molesters he was part of still exists and continues its crimes...

Photo: Marcel Vervloesem, Princess of Croÿ and Jan Boeykens of Werkgroep Morkhoven
Translation: Eheu


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